14 Reasons Why Men Won’t Wear Their Wedding Rings


An engagement ring is one of those important things a couple must wear all the time. It is one of those symbols that completes and shows a couple’s everlasting love. It is also a sign of commitment, which is one of the reasons why some people wouldn’t wear one unless they’re ready.

However, girls love wearing their rings more than boys, married or not. They love flashing them around and showing everyone that they’re already taken, while men would rather keep theirs in their pockets.

Most of the time, married men gets issues when it comes to their wedding rings. Here are their reasons…

#1: Guys, take note if you get a wife who is this cool about the engagement ring, never let her go.

#2: Movies are one real reason why wearing engagement ring on a necklace is famous.

#3: These kinds of guys keep the faith alive. Otherwise, everyone else doesn’t even care.

#4: The real reason why this guy is wearing the engagement ring is he wants to hide the pain.

#5: We can assume that wife of this one of the many guys is going to be lucky.

#6: Whether you are wearing the engagement ring or not, loyalty should be real reason of your togetherness.

#7: Now that’s one real reason as in why guys should be wearing the ring.

#8: A confession subtle and clear. That’s how sorted everyone should be.

#9: Your wife is a keeper, she knows what’s right and what you want.

#10: I guess half of the guys do this or maybe more.

#11: Let her have the best ring possible, she deserves it.

#12: The kind of couple who redefines love at every stage of life. May you two always be together.

#13: I seriously love when guys don’t refrain from wearing the promise ring.

#14: Exactly, a ring or not, it doesn’t change anything. Love is what matters.


Source: Sarcasm