2-Year-Old Child Passed Away After Hospital Failed to Give Proper Medical Attention


A heartbreaking photo was posted by a grieving mother to share her bad experience with the hospital she relied on to take care of her sick daughter.

Rudylyn L. Custodio-Clarin cannot hold her emotions while looking back to her last few moments with her 2-year-old daughter who passed away last October 2016.

They were advised to go home and observe the child and when they got back they were neglected by the nurse on duty in the emergency room.

The nurses in the emergency room left them, then when the nurses found out that the child was in a critical condition, that was only the time that they helped the patient.

When the morning comes, they were referred to a hospital in Tacloban City. Ms. Rudylyn was told by the doctor that only miracle can save her child.

The little angel had passed away because of the severe vomiting. Rudylyn visited the hospital and informed them that her child just passed away because of their poor medical attention given to the patient.

She posted all the information and photos on Facebook and asked to share her misfortune so the people will be aware. She needs justice for her daughter and to her family.


Source: Social Patrol