20 Reasons Why Being “Just Friends” with Your Ex is a Bad Idea


Some people are lucky enough to find the right one on their first relationship. However, most people had to experience at least a heartbreak to end up with their ever after. And we’re all aware that heartbreak is something that is hard to get over. It takes a lot of cries, and a lot of time to pass.

But what if he or she decides to “just be friends” again? Will you accept it? Are you willing to take the risk?

Here are the reasons why the term “Let’s just be friends.” is actually a bad idea and will never work out.

#1: Don’t wait for signs to know how just friends with an ex will go, just leave.

#2: The second turn with an ex will never be the same. Things are bound to go bad, look for the signs.

#3: Being just friends with an ex who cheated on you? And then you wonder why it’s not working.

#4: Why do people even wait for signs that generally come late?

#5: Not working, right? Then just settle down for something which will be good for all of you.

#6: Cheating on someone is a sin. And when you try to be friends, the memories will let you know why it’s not working.

#7: Best friends turned into couples turned into just friends, something which is never going to work.

#8: Just be frank and let him know why it’s not working. Be clear about the signs as well.

#9: Then stop being just friends and leave. It would spare him from the hurt.

#10: What are more signs you looking for? If the guy isn’t putting the required efforts, just leave.

#11: Why does every ex-try to be a douchebag? Why can’t they get over the fact that the relationship is over?

#12: This is one of the biggest reasons why you should never be friends with your exes.

#13: This goes for both girls and guys, stop using just friends for your own good.

#14: You split because things were not working. Love is not enough.

#15: I don’t really know what to say on this. I mean both of them are at fault.

#16: Why do people even look for more signs when things are already not good?

#17: Exactly, it is best for you two to end the friendship.

#18: Sanity is important and necessary, don’t lose it for anyone.

#19: Why can’t people take the blame on themselves when they are responsible?

#20: Happy realization!


Source: Sarcasm