Analysts Explain Why Pacquaio Should Have Won

“I mean what did we just see? It’s horrible! something’s wrong with this decision. It was bogus,” that is how one sports analysts decribed what transpired on the Battle of Brisbane on Sunday.


Australia’s Jeff Horn was apparently favored by unanimous decision against the Philippine’s bet Manny Pacquaio.


The 29-year-old school teacher has grabbed the world welterweight title with the controversial winning scores 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113.


Most boxing analysts however claimed that Pacquiao, despite showing his age, is the rightful winner.


Stephen Smith, a boxing analyst, claimed that it was only four round Horn had won against our national bet.


Smith noted that despite height advantage, Pacquiao managed to throw more power punches, as shown in the Compubox.


“Manny Pacquiao was quicker, he was the better boxer, he was more experienced, he was winning on points, he was landing more punches as Compubox showed,” he added.


Pacquiao out-landed Horn in 11 of the 12 rounds, 182-92. He has scored him 116-112.


“It’s stuff like this that hurts the sport of boxing. You don’t see this in the UFC… but you see this kind of garbage that just took place,” said Smith.


Ed Tolentino, another fight analyst, said that the scores should have been closer and that Pacquiao should have won because he was able to pull through it until the last rounds.


“I’m just as surprised like everybody with Jeff Horn winning via a decision victory. I thought it should have been closer, I thought Manny did enough to win this fight,” Tolentino argued.


He further said that despite Pacquiao’s poor start, he had took control of round 9 onwards as his opponent almost ran out of gas in that point.


On the other hand, Brandon Bradley, former opponent of Pacman, who sat as part of ESPN Broadcast team also expresses disagreement with the decision, however, emphasizes how Horn just successfully show the age of Pacman.


“I don’t think he won the fight, honestly. But he did enough in there that made him look like he won,” Bradley said referring to Horn.



Source: ABS-CBN

Image: Eagle News