Believe It or Not, This Woman is Already a Grandma! Can You Guess Her Age?


The internet went crazy when a picture of a grandma, flaunting her beauty at the age of 50, went viral.

Qin Ling is a mother of two and already a grandmother of one. She may given birth twice but she still looks like a dazzling lady.

Her secret? Sleeping naked once a week and taking hot baths. She also recommends patting your face daily and using homemade face mask to maintain the youthful glow.

Last August, Qin’s daughters arranged a photo shoot for her birthday and later posted the pictures online for the whole country to gawk at.

After her fame grew, Qin took interviews from reporters asking how she had managed to keep up her incredible looks, Tencent reports. Qin revealed that she was divorced, and as a single mother, never had much money to spend on herself.

Therefore she relied on simple, inexpensive methods like face-patting, sleeping naked and using a special face mask of cucumber, yogurt, honey and pearl powder.

She also revealed that she has heard from more than a few gentlemen callers, some more that twenty years younger than her, but she has turned them all down, hoping to find someone older to settle down with for. the rest of her life .

So what can you say about her young looks and sexy body?


Source: PH Trending