Blue-Haired Pinay Cheerleader Captured the Hearts of NBA Crowd


It can really be a challenge to get a crowd’s attention especially when it’s a sports game, where more than 60% of the crowd consists of men cheering for their team. That’s what all cheerleaders had to face every game, even at National Basketball Association (NBA).

However, the beauty and skills of this blue-haired Pinay are definitely making rounds on the hardwood of the NBA court and also taking the world by storm. Kyla Fajardo, an 18-year-old cheerleader managed to capture the interest of the NBA’s audience after showing off her dazzling dancing skills.

She leaped into her career when she joined the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit dance team. Since then, she has been the youngest member of the 2017 season of much-anticipated game in NBA.

The stunning cheerleader owned the center spot, not just because of her unique eye-catching hairstyle and undeniably good looks, but because of her impeccable dance moves.

She is the lovely daughter of Filipino immigrants based in Carson, California. At the age of 11, Kyla began to show her interest in dancing. Thus, it gave a hint on what she wanted to pursue when she grew older.

Apart from being one of the LA Clippers Spirit’s leading cheerleaders, she also works as an instructor at a Torrance-based studio in California.

Due to her exquisite performances, Kyla has received numerous awards both at the state and national levels.

Kyla Fajardo is just one of the many Filipinos who keep on making their countrymen proud. This supports the statement that Filipinos excel in many activities both locally and internationally. There is no doubt that the Philippines has been gifted with a lot of talented and skillful individuals. Something we can be truly be proud of.




Source: Showbiz Trends