Duterte is a Good President and Makes PH Safe – Steven Segal



American-Russian-Serbian actor, film producer and martial arts expert Steven Segal said on Tuesday that President Rodrigo Duterte is a good president and makes the Philippines a safer place to live in.



In a press conference at the Peninsula Hotel in Makati City, Seagal said the country is now safer under Duterte administration.



Seagal is in the country to film a series of movies on crimes, drugs and corruption with local actors.





Asked if he feels safe in the country, the 65-year-old international celeb said he feels safe and the country is not a dangerous place and is now safer, citing Duterte’s initiatives in protecting the Filipino people.



He also cited the Filipino people for their hospitality, humor and friendliness, reasons why he chose to make the series here.



Seagal is in the country for the production of the TV series “General Commander,” which is rumored to be tackling corruption, crime and drugs. Seagal said he is interested in casting Filipino talents.



This is Seagal’s third visit in the country. He admitted he is a fan of the current government. “I’m a big fan of the government, and I think Duterte is a very good president and he has been instrumental in making the Philippines an up and coming place.”



Seagal is best known for blockbuster action movies in the 80’s and 90’s, which include “Above The Law,” “Hard To Kill,” “Marked For Death,” and “Under Siege.”





Source: Manila Bulletin

Image: The Philippine Star | PTV