Here’s Why Netizens Have Been Talking About Isabelle Daza on Twitter





Aside from Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff, who recently got married in New Zealand, and aside from Yael Yuzon’s animated reactions to Marc Nelson’s lap dance, another local celebrity has been the talk of the town among Filipino netizens, particularly in Twitter.


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An attendee to the Curtis-Heussaff wedding, Isabelle Daza also became a trending topic on Twitter earlier this week for reasons concerning her baby.


In a video clip uploaded by blogger Nicole Andersson, Daza was spotted dancing during the reception of Curtis and Heussaff, with the actress merrily jumping to the beat of “Despacito.”


There was nothing particularly special about the way she jumped and danced together with the crowd, but she seemed to have forgotten about one thing – that she is pregnant.


A woman, presumably Andersson, could be heard on the background shouting “Hoy, ‘yung anak mo,” referring to the baby inside Daza’s womb.



The clip circulated in Twitter and several netizens could not get over Daza’s peculiar behavior that time.


It was last September when her pregnancy was announced with her first child to her husband and French businessman Adrien Semblat.




Source: ABS-CBN