Husband Wants to Film a Paranormal Activity, Instead Catches His Wife Having an Affair with His 16-Year-Old Son


An Australian man was a penchant for paranormal activities so he decided to install a ghost camera in his kitchen. Until one day, he reviewed some of the footage caught by the camera and what he discovered make him sick. Forgetting to turn off the camera enabled him to know her wife’s illicit secret.

Apparently, the man found out that his girlfriend for 11 years was having an affair with his 16-year-old son who is technically her stepson. The 28-year-old woman known the boy since he was nine. According to the Tasmanian Supreme Court, the woman was pleaded guilty having sex with a minor and sentence of 6 months of imprisonment.

According to Judge David Porter, the woman whom he denied to disclose the name known the boy since he was young but have been living with him since 2012. the investigation said that relationship was discovered in October last year. The women went in the boy’s room and talked about his driving lesson. However, some playful tickling happened, kissing and eventually lead to sex.

According to the reports from Telegraph, the woman first denied the allegation that she’s having an affair with her stepson but later admitted that she has multiple sexual encounters with the boy, at least 3.

The woman continued her unlawful act for weeks despite being busted. During the court hearing, the woman said that she thought that the consent age is 16 but in Tasmania, the legal age is 17. The women admitted that she is ashamed and embarrassed with what she did.

Meanwhile, the woman is trying to reconcile with the boy’s father to whom he has a child.


Source: DailyMail