This Husband’s Open Letter for His Wife’s Admirers Will Definitely Touch Your Hearts


It is inevitable for a married couple to have arguments. It is just one of those challenges that they will face as they get old and start their own family.

If a wife or a husband is good-looking or has a very caring personality, it is also inevitable for other people to roam around and even try to interfere with your relationship. This is where a couple’s trust gets tested.

Having a lasting and happy marriage life is a topic most talked about over the years. Many have tried to share their secrets to a happy marriage yet it turns out it does not apply to every couple.

This letter was posted in The Asian Parent Philippines by a man, addressing this letter to his wife’s many admirers.

This husband shared in his open letter how he overcame being jealous of men who try to hit on his wife.

And again “open communication” made him realize there’s nothing to worry about. Read the letter here:

Now that’s something sweet! Indeed trust and honesty makes the bond of marriage stronger.


Source: KAMI | The Asian Parent Philippines