LOOK: After 14 Months, These Head-to-head Conjoined Twins Finally See Each Other For the First Time!



After surviving a 27-hour surgery, these conjoined twins finally see each other for the first time.


It was on October 13, 2016 at Montefiore Hospital New York, when Anias and Jadon McDonald, a head-to-head conjoined twins, were successfully separated.


Christian and Nicole McDonald, the parents of the twins, were both in tears when their angels survived the delicate operation.


Dr Goodrich, one of the world’s forefront experts on craniopagus (fused skull) surgery, led the surgery that costs $2.5 million which includes detaching their heads for 16 hours and reconstructing it for the remaining 11 hours.



Apparently, this was Dr Goodrich’s 52nd craniopagus twins separation surgery.


The twins shared 5.5 cm of brain tissue and some entwined blood vessels that make this operation more complex, even having an 80% mortality rate.


The twins recovered fast and is now even loving to cuddle each other!



Source: NTD