LOOK: Eye Tattoo Gone Horribly Wrong, Causing Young Model to Go Blind!



Body modding, or body modification or body alteration, is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy or human physical appearance, often done for sexual enhancement, aesthetics, shock value or to create body art.



Body modding includes plastic surgery and some body decorations (e.g., body piercing). However, people nowadays go extreme with body modding.



There are many strange ways people think of to alter their god-given body. An example of extreme body modding is the “elf ear” where people shave or cut their ears to look like an elf. Not surprisingly, this form of extreme body modding peaked after the Lord of the Rings films were released.



Another extreme body modding is the eyeball tattoo!



Canadian model and extreme body modder Catt Gallinger decided to get a sclera tattoo, to change the color of the whites around her eyes (the sclera).



Unfortunately, due to several factors: undiluted ink, over injection, not enough injections, too small injections, the tattoo became infected.



The following morning after the procedure, her eye was swollen shut. Yikes!



Gallinger has been on steroid drops and antibiotics medication for the past few weeks but her doctors said that it is very unlikely that she will regain full vision in her left eye. It will either go completely blind or stay a blurry mess.



She shared images on the internet to warn others about the risks involved with such a delicate procedure.


Check out the images below and be warned!












Source: The Washington Post