LOOK: Sandara Park’s Latest Accessory is a Bag from Divisoria



As early as now, just a little over two months before Christmas, Pinoys have started preparing for the holidays, with glimmering Christmas lights already hung in houses and Christmas songs already playing in radio stations.



Right about this time of the year, some people have also started their Christmas shopping, so they won’t have to worry about the Christmas rush later on. One of the famous destinations for Christmas shoppers is no other than Divisoria.



And one of the patrons of Divisoria malls is Korean pop star Sandara Park.





Sandara, who has been dubbed by Vogue magazine as a woman who “has stepped in to high fashion’s big leagues,” is setting a trend with her new bag from DV.



The former 2NE1 member recently shared a photo of her holding a colorful bag from Manila’s bargain shopping district. She called her bag “Bayongciaga,” a portmanteau between “bayong” and “Balenciaga,” which is a brand name of signature apparel and accessories.



This “Bayongciaga” looks very similar to Balenciaga’s $2,000 multi-colored leather bag launched last year.




Vogue said in an article published last year: “With even more hair colors, skate merch, and designer goods to try on and test out, it’s only a matter of time before Park is setting trends on the runway.”



The magazine also praised the 2004 Star Circle Quest runner-up as she “consistently pulls together outfits that mix the best in insider labels.”




Source: ABS-CBN

Images: Sandara Park on Twitter | Balenciaga on Instagram