Maine Mendoza Tweets: ‘I deserve all the hate in the world because…’



AlDub fans were shocked when Maine Mendoza revealed her frustrations in an open letter that she posted on her Twitter account last Sunday.


But aside from Maine’s confession that she feels “like living in a box” and her appeal for “freedom,” she also admitted that she and Alden “are just friends” and a “love team”, and nothing more.



On Tuesday, November 28, 22-year-old Yaya Dub, twitted what appears to be another sentiment.


She wrote: “You are all right. I deserve all the hate in the world because I am such a coward and a selfish little brat. I get it and I understand..”



In her open letter to fans, which has been retweeted over 23,000 times and reached 97k likes, Maine said she expected some of her fans to turn their back on her.


“By the end of this letter I am pretty sure majority of you are going to turn your backs on me and probably hate on me. Pero sabi nga nila, speak the truth even if your voice shakes,” a portion of the three-page letter read.



The Eat Bulaga host also admitted she feels like she’s living in a box and that she no longer feels happy.


“I have not been able to do what I want and say what I feel because every time I try to express my thoughts and feelings, some of you tend to misapprehend and invalidate them in so many ways. Telling me I am not supposed to feel that way because I am “rich and famous”. Telling me I have no right to be sad and hurt because I have everything a person could ask for. Judging and blaming and getting mad at me for expressing what I truly feel just because you do not agree and it is inconvenient for you. Dictating me what I should feel and should not feel. Ang hirap.”



Here’s the rest of her Maine’s open letter:


I got myself, I will catch myself, and I will pick myself up.”



Source: GMA News

Images: Instagram @mainedcm