Man Almost Died Due of Excessive Use of Phone


Since phones are introduced to the human race, it has been a necessity of most people. And as technology evolves, we tend to rely to them more.

Now, where you look, you’ll see people holding their phones: typing, making calls, or just surfing the net. It happened to be a part of our basic communication media, work, and hobbies. However, it has a side effect. These phones can also be addictive.

As our new phones give us the advantages of using them as your digital newspaper and talk to anyone around the world, we also depend too much on it. So much that we can’t last a day without it.

Is it true that you are liable of depending on your cell phone excessively? A significant number of us are. A few people even fall asleep with their telephones close by. Keeping your telephone with you all the time may appear like a safe activity, however did you realize that it can prompt a few medical problems?

This man nearly died because of absence of rest caused by using his cell phone constantly. In a Facebook post, netizen Kei Cañada shared his horrendous experience that will change the way you look at your cell phone.

Cañada was rushed to the hospital after he experienced stiffness all over his body. During his confinement, the doctors were shocked to discover that his blood pressure was a startling 80/50. According to the doctors who examined him, Cañada exhibited signs of potassium deficiency and lack of sleep.

Apparently, Cañada’s lack of sleep could be attributed to his constant use of his smartphone. He narrated that there were times when he would sleep at the wee hours of the morning because he couldn’t put his phone down. Cañada wrote:

“Dahil siguro ‘to sa pagpupuyat ko dahil sa kaka-gamit ng cellphone. Aminado naman ako na halos araw-araw, mga 3 or 4 am na ako natutulog kahit alam kong may pasok ako ng umaga. Minsan nga, pumapasok ako ng walang tulog eh.”

Fortunately for him, he was able to consult a doctor before his condition reached the point of no return.
It’s worth noting that severe lack of sleep is a major health risk. Several scientific studies in the past have already proven the detrimental effects that smartphones have regarding a person’s sleeping patterns. published a web-based survey in 2014 wherein the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney revealed that teens who use their smartphones before going to bed are twice likely to be more sleep deprived than those who don’t. The study stated:

“We know from other research that short sleep and irregular sleep schedules can leave people feeling tired and low, and it can be detrimental to their physical health and ability to learn too.”

Our smartphones and other gadgets emit blue light which restricts your body from producing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for making you fall asleep. According to, the less melatonin you have in your system, the harder it is for an individual to fall and stay asleep.

Aside from this, the radiation emitted by smartphones can also cause delays and disturbances while you are already fast asleep. According to scientific studies, the radiation from your mobile phone can impair an individual’s cognitive functions. In a report published on, Dr. Chris Idzikowski of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre said:

“There is now more than sufficient evidence, from a large number of reputable investigators who are finding that mobile phone exposure an hour before sleep adversely affects deep sleep.”


Source: Info Inquirer