Man Bought a Second-Hand Car and It Has Treasure in It!


After hearing that it’s possible to score great deals on confiscated vehicles, a man purchased a used car at a police auction.

When the power window broke on his car, he chalked it up to typical used-car woes. Rather than take it to a mechanic, he decided to try and fix it himself.

As soon as he removed the plastic panel he noticed something odd behind it. He peeled it back, and was surprised to discover a black bag shoved into the frame.


He brought the bag into his home for closer inspection. Inside the bag were seven bundles meticulously wrapped in duct tape. Could these be bundles of illegal drugs?

He carefully peeled back a corner of the duct tape, and was shocked to discover stacks of 10 dollar bills.

He continued to open the packs to discover more bundles of money, this time in 20’s.

He never revealed the total sum he found or what he did with the money, but it is easily in the thousands of dollars.

This story first emerged in 2013 when the man anonymously posted his find online. It’s such an incredible find, he was compelled to share it. Not surprisingly, the story went viral. Perhaps to protect himself from unwanted attention, he has since deleted all of his own postings, and anything that could connect him to the find.


Source: San Francisco Globe