MUST READ: Like a Movie Scene, This Guy is Slowly Forgetting His Wife Because of a Brain Condition



This might be one of the common movie plot we had already watched in the movies but no one ever thought that this tragic love story will ever happen in real life.


This guy unfortunately suffers from a brain condition, causing him to slowly forget about her lover.


No matter how hard their situation might be, their true love among each other is as legitimate as those we usually have seen in the big screen.


It was last December 2016 when Pio suffered from a brain condition called encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain tissue that caused him to lose his memory for a course of time.


Based on his medical report, the part of the brain responsible for making new memories was deeply affected by the condition.


Kristine, his ladylove, stayed by his side to continuously remind him of the many memories they had through Facebook.


Hindi niya na ako kilala. Hindi niya na alam na buntis ako. So paulit-ulit ‘yun. Paulit-ulit kong pinapaalala sa kaniya. Gumawa ako ng notebook. Nag-jot down ako ng mga nangyayari sa amin,” she said.



Forgetting that they are already married, Pio still fall in love with Kristine and even proposed marriage right in the hospital.


Sabi ko nga, mamahalin kaya ako ng taong ‘to? Tatanggapin kaya ako kahit na walang-wala na ako sa buhay ko? Ayun, naglakas-loob ako na ibigay sa kaniya ‘yung ring,” Pio noted.


They were married last May and already has a baby.


This just proves that his brain may forget her very soon but his heart will always remember.



Source: GMA