MUST WATCH! There’s a Show in Japan Called “Do Not Swallow” and It’s Weird and Funny AF




Japan is home to many wonderful weird games and stuff. But what may be weird to people not familiar with their culture, appears to be normal to our Japanese brothers and sisters.


What’s interesting about these Japanese games is the fact that they’re not harmful (well, for most cases) and that they promote pure fun and moments of (un)adulterated laughter.


We’ve just discovered another Japanese game which promotes just that – pure fun and mildly Rated PG entertainment.




The concept of the game is simple. They’ve invited pretty ladies dressed in sexy but elegant attire, who will be asked to drink milk which they’re not allowed to swallow, hence the name of the game.




The women would then be asked one by one to sit on the lap of a lucky gentleman, who has the honor of tickling the girls all over to make them burst into laughter – without swallowing the milk.




The challenge for the ladies is to hold the milk inside their mouths. Otherwise, the milk would be spilt onto the gentleman, suggesting some nasty scenes (LOL).




To get a clearer picture of this interesting game show, watch the video below.





Source: Elite Readers