If Your Partner Has At Least One of These Apps, He’s Probably Cheating on You!


There are so many ways to take advantage of our technology now. We can show live feeds, access bank accounts, and even keep track of our health in our phones. They can be a big help especially when you’re a very busy person. However, being too attached on technology can also cause some damaged. As a matter of fact, it can sever a relationship.

Sometimes, people get the idea of cheating online. Since the existence of online world, anyone can post and see anything they want online. And with all these apps, they can also be easily hidden in just one tap. Besides, everything starts with a flirt.

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? He is probably cheating on you if he has these apps, it’s obviously not true in all scenarios but it does put your partner in suspicion.

If your partner has these apps, it means he is cheating on you.

#1: Private photos

The interface of this app looks like a calculator but once you get into it, it will ask for a password. After entering the correct password, the app will show you the private photos that are kept in this private photos app. If you see any secret photo library in your partner’s phone, it means he is up to something.

#2: Tiger Texts

By looking at the features you will say that Tiger Texts is meant for cheating. This app can hide texts by setting a time limit on them. It’s more or less like Snapchat for text messages. The sent messages cannot be saved, copied, or forwarded, so it’s the perfect app for people who don’t want to leave any clues behind.

#3: Fox private message

This app immediately deletes all the messages if you shake the phone. You can save a number as a “private contact”, and any messages from that contact will only go straight to the app instead of regular messaging.

#4: Tinder or any dating apps

Well, why would someone use dating apps if they are already committed? If he has dating apps on his phone, something is not right.

#5: Pure

This app is completely contradictory to its name. This app is used for adult dating hookup, alluding to casual sex, to meet ‘open-minded’ people. This app doesn’t need anything but a selfie and once uploaded, the user is notified of those who want to meet them.

#6: Nosy Trap

Nosy Trap secretly catches people who are trying to sneak in your phone. The app uses the front-facing camera to take a photo of whoever is trying to snoop on your phone. It does this by displaying a fake background that looks completely normal, however, if the wrong passcode is entered the camera will take a photo.

#7: Slydial

It’s an app that will let a call ring on forever. And to pretend like you care, you can call your partner back but it will go directly to voicemail. So it seems like you called them back, but in reality, you didn’t want to talk to them.

#8: Black SMS

This app can convert your messages into image files and that can only be seen when you enter a secret password. If you don’t have the right password, you can only see black images. By using this, you will be able to share your naughty photos and no one is gonna catch you.

#9: Cover Me

Cover Me app is extremely secretive. It can also take back the messages that were sent in the past. It can encrypt the messages and it can also set the messages to self-destruct. You can also create a secret vault within the app.

#10: DateMate

This app basically keeps a record of your schedule and keep track of mistresses, allowing users to monitor who they’re meeting, when, and where. It also monitors the “date progress” of every encounter so the cheater can remember who he/she likes best.

If your partner has one of these apps, he is probably cheating on you. It’s better to ask him than investigating his phone like a spy.


Source: Sarcasm