Why Did Pia Wurtzbach Apologize to Her Fans on Twitter



Earlier this week, Pia Wurtzback apologized to her fans on Twitter, prompting many to ask why.


I’m sorry po. I don’t mean to be misunderstood po and I don’t mean to offend anyone,” Pia wrote on Monday.


It turns out that Miss Universe 2015 is addressing some fans who claimed that they have been blocked after making a political statement on Pia’s Twitter page.


The said fans have been pushing Pia to make a stand on the extra-judicial killings, requesting her to post a statement against it.


They are hoping for the former Miss Universe titleholder to use her influence to call out the government to stop the killings.


Feeling ignored about the request, some fans had everything to say about Pia, including her recent congratulatory message to Filipina beauty queens who emerged victorious in their respective pageants.


“Everyday may crown ang Philippines! Congratulations!”, Pia Twitted on Sunday.


To which she received a response from @sarcasticookie, saying “Every day din may EJK. When are you going to speak up? Oh righ, I forgot.” (Images of Pia with the President were attached to this comment.)



Yes just like recently we were crowned as one of the countries who failed to curb corruption and uphold the rule of law. Until the day na may comment ka na about EJK, dun tayo magyabang sa crown mo. Thanks!”, wrote another user @Ginowesome.



Another user @Januaryabcd, boldly expressed how Pia may have only cared for the crown: “Everyday rin may napapatay na Pilipino at this age, and yet at the end of the day, you only care for a crown.”



Responding to bashers, Pia apologized, saying that she did not mean to be misunderstood.


Pia also stressed that she is “pro-life.”


“I’m sorry po. I don’t mean to be misunderstood po and I don’t mean to offend anyone. I am very much pro life. Salamat po mga kababayan,” the “queen” wrote.





Source: ABS-CBN

Images: Twitter @PiaWurtzbach