PLDT to Spend P11 Billion for Faster Internet in the Philippines


With out technology starting to progress almost every year, most jobs also tries to depend on their power, and usually on internet.

Many jobs in the Philippines require a good internet connection. Most employments rely on the speed of your internet connection since numerous online jobs are now in demand around the globe. But there are times that the money you earn is not even enough to pay for your internet bills, and no matter how high you pay, you still get that slow internet you DO NOT deserve.

But worry not, as PLDT is about to make Fibr-fast connectivity available around the country. PLDT Inc. is planning to spend over P11 billion in the next two years to fund a ‘modernization plan’ that includes the shift to fiber internet. They intend to roll out a million Fibr ports across the country covering even the remote areas in the province. With this at hand, more and more Filipinos can get access to FIbr-fast connection.

PLDT First Vice President and Head of Home Business Marco Borlongan said, “We are leveling up their broadband experience with the migration of our DSL customers to Fibr-fast connectivity.”

PLDT Fibr has been available in some parts of the Philippines already, but some parts are hard to reach. But through the help of different service providers, fast internet will soon be available across the country. PLDT also issued a statement saying that their tests showed their service and coverage have improved since the introduction of fiber option.


Source: Viral4Real