SEE: This Woman Used to Weight 660 lbs. Later Reveals Her Unbelievable Transformation! Here’s How She Did It…


More than 30,000 lives are being lost each year because of weight-related diseases. Health experts are warning people to get more exercise and eat healthier food to avoid getting obese. As we gain weight, chances of dying from weight-related diseases increases.

Amber Rachdi from Oregon, USA has always been big, but things got out of hand when she turned 24. She reached a whopping 660lbs that she could no longer do many things.

Almost immobilized, Amber need to move in back to her parents’ home so they could help her move about. She only left the house to buy food and was completely dependent on her electric wheelchair.

Amber knew she had to do something about her body or she will lose her life soon. Her boyfriend Rowdy encouraged her to lose weight, but it wasn’t easy. She would eat at least 4 big meals a day and her weight was spiraling out of control.

As a last resort, she applied for the series, “My 600lb Life” to try and get her weight under control.

She soon decided to undergo a gastric bypass operation, but she had her concerns. There were huge risks involved with the operation due to her weight. Rowdy was also worried. Aside from that, her biggest concern was that she had to lose 22lbs before she could go through with the operation.

Amber was determined. She moved to Texas in order to be closer to the doctor who would carry out the operation, Dr. Nowzaradan. She also began a new healthy eating routine. Twelve months after her operation Amber had a follow-up visit with her doctor. She had successfully lost 143lb.

Her doctor was so proud of her development and offered to remove her excess skin, which added a lot to her weight. Today, she weighs 390lbs—and she’s barely recognizable!


Source: Viral4Real