Taxi Driver Caught Wrapping a Gift for His Wife, Immediately Touched Netizens


No matter how old you become, receiving a birthday present will always be fun. But sometimes we took gifts for granted simply because we do not like what’s inside the gift wrapped with love, we tend to forget the saying “it’s the thought that counts”.

We should always keep in mind to appreciate every gift we receive as some people might have struggled in order to provide that present simply because they lack funds.

But one taxi driver proves that it is not just about the price tag of the gift that matters, but the thought they the gift giver remembered your special day and made an effort to make you smile.

The photo of this taxi driver thoughtfully wrapping a birthday gift for his wife went viral on social media.

According to netizen Alakarte Gonzales, who happens to be a convenient store staff, on an early morning this driver whose name was not disclosed dropped by the store to buy a gift wrapper for his surprise gift for his wife.

But when the staff told him that they only have gift bags, the driver-sweet-lover happily wrapped his gift after munching on some snacks.

Gonzales added that the driver even wrote a note and sealed it inside an envelope before packing it together with the gift.

The taxi driver told Gonzales that he was a bit hesitant with his gift because he only bought it in Divisoria, but the convenience store staff assured him that his wife will love it and that the gift does not really matter because it is the thought that really counts.

A lot of netizens were touched by the taxi driver’s thoughtfulness considering that he is the man who went shopping by himself, he is truly one #HusbandGoals.

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Source: Ur Daily Journal