Volleyball Star Denden Lazaro Defends Her Right to Personal Space in Response to Viral Video




A viral video with more than 2 million views has circulated the internet over the weekend and it involved volleyball superstar, Dennise “Denden” Lazaro.


During a photo shoot at the lobby of L’Fisher Hotel in Bacolod, after Denden and the rest of Cocolife pulled off a big win against Cignal in the Philippine Super Liga Grand Prix, a male fan attempted to put his arms on Denden’s shoulder, which she swiftly avoided.


The incident was caught on cam and has been uploaded to Facebook.


Bashers of course came too quick to judge, calling the former Atenean “maarte,” “feeling superstar,” “may attitude,” and other similar criticisms.


After being criticized for prioritizing her personal space, the 25-year-old Cocolife Libero took to twitter to defend her right for personal space.


Not known to many, but there are people who has a need for personal space and this includes Denden. She explained that she just feels uncomfortable when random people invade one’s personal space.


“There are certain situations that make a person feel uncomfortable like when random people invade one’s personal space,” the volleyball star wrote.


“And to me, personal space is something I highly value,” she added.




Nonetheless, she apologized to people she unintentionally offended and thanked her supporters.




Cocolife teammate Michele Gumabao came to Denden’s defense. She observed, “One upset fan posts and everybody forgets she smiled for 200 plus people in the meet and greet we just came from!



***A sense of personal space is something not everyone understands. To those people who have it, we simply ought to respect.***





Sources: GMA News | Inquirer