WARNING: This Henna Tattoo Can Permanently Give You Scars!


Henna is a temporary tattoo that mostly people especially children apply nowadays. Henna is applied during weddings or other celebrations.

Henna has been used since early times and it can bring bad effects to someone’s health. Henna can really bring skin allergy.

A woman suffered a severe infection after applying Henna. It happened months before her wedding day. She never expected the side effects. Her allergy was called “Party Mehndi Red Cone.” The doctor decided to cut her legs and hands because it got infected with the Henna applied.

Henna is a really harmful.

Here are the side effects:

#1: Contact Dermatitis
Symptoms are wheezing, itching, redness, burning and swelling of the skin.

#2: Rough Hair
It damages you hair and makes your hair dry.

#3: Red Eyes
It may cause redness and watering in your eyes when henna comes contact with your eyes.

#4: Bursting of RBC’s
Red Blood Cells seems to burst that may lead to severe complications.

#5: Upset Stomach
If ever you swallow henna it might cause vomiting or stomach ache.

If ever you experienced the side effects, consult the dermatologist.

Next time you apply henna, be sure it is safe.


Source: Telegraph