WATCH: Boy Meets Long Distance Girlfriend for the First Time; Her Reaction is Priceless


Every year, Filipinos risk and try their luck abroad, hoping for better pay to sustain their families. However, being miles away from their families can also cause some damages such as relationships. Working abroad tests trust, patience, and loyalty to their limit.

But if love is stronger than all of these obstacles, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Now, we have here the story of a couple who managed to survive despite being in a long distance relationship.

They met when Gerome was in Qatar while Kamil was studying in the Philippines. Though their constant calls on social media, they finally ended up together. Despite that they’re already together, they admitted that they haven’t met each other yet.

One day, George has decided to meet Kamil for the first time. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend and so he decided to seek help from Kamil’s family.

The girl’s mother asked if she could accompany them to the airport to fetch someone from Canada. She then decided to come with her mom but she somehow got irritated since they’ve been waiting for an hour now.

Kamil was already bored and so she stood up and decided to leave until she saw a man that caught her attention!

At first she was frowning at him but when she realized that the man is her boyfriend, she lost her mind!

She was so blown away that she can no longer process everything that’s happening so she just cried!

Both of them were glad that finally, Gerome would be able to meet Kamil’s family. He was allowed to stay in the Philippines for a month and so the couple would really do everything together to make use of their remaining time together.


Source: Kamil Gerome | Chismix