WATCH: Isabel Granada Sings for Fans Days Before Hospitalization


A footage of Isabel Granada performing for her fans in Doha, Qatar, has emerged, Thursday, just days after she was hospitalized due to brain aneurysm.

The video shows no sign of any illness, and instead shows an energetic and smiling Granada singing “On the Wings of Love” at Philippine Trade and Tourism Conference, held Friday October 20.

The actress-singer exhibited little signs that she would fall into a coma 3 days later due to aneurysm.

Her husband, Arnel Cowley, earlier described her hospitalization as “sudden,” saying that she only complained about a slight headache moments before she collapsed.

Cowley also said that Granada was “quite fit and healthy,” adding that she showed no symptoms of the life-threatening condition.

Joseph Timothy Rivera, Granada’s friend who is also the chairman of the Association of Filipino Real Estate Executives in Qatar, recounted the moments before she fell into her coma.

“She sat down and iyong pag-collapse niya, hindi naman talagang collapse eh. She fell asleep. And then snored. And after that, wala na,” Rivera told ABS-CBN News’ Maxxy Santiago.

Watch the video here.


Source: ABS-CBN