WATCH: MMA Fighter Almost Carried to Scales for Weigh-In After Losing 16 Pounds in Just Two Days


It is common for many MMA fighters to cut on weight before their weigh-in. but this Brazilian MMA fighter’s weigh-in has caused many MMA enthusiasts to raise eyebrows. Brazilian strawweight fighter Daniel Lima was getting ready to step onto the scales and weigh in for his fight against Daichi Kitakata in Japan.

But as seen in the video, he was literally dragged onto the stage by two of his coaches as he could barely stand on his own. Lima reportedly lost 16 pounds in just two days, making him very weak during the weigh-in. despite his hard work to lose weight, he still didn’t pass and was 2 pounds over the desired weight.

“Since it was my first time outside of Brazil and I had no experience, I thought it would be easy,” Lima said. “It was tough, painful.”

However, when asked if he would still want to fight, Lima said yes. People were shocked that he was still allowed to fight despite his condition. As expected, he lost the fight. The bout lasted 15 minutes, and Lima believes he did enough to win the first two rounds.

“They gave it to him,” he told MMA Fighting of the loss. “I was weak due to the extreme weight cut (at the weigh-ins), but I was really fine, 100 percent for the fight.”


Source: Viral4Real