WATCH: ‘Stripboys’ Entertained and Drew Shrieks in ‘Asia’s Got Talent 2’


They had the lone female judge of second season of “Asia’s Got Talent” shrieking in delight after five Pinoy men performed their dance routine almost naked.

The “Stripboys” took the stage in the talent show on Thursday with nothing but cycling shorts and a bath towel in hand.

Cue laughs as they showed off their clean choreography, smartly using the towels to give off the illusion that they were naked.

“I was super entertained by that,” said Anggun, who, safe to say, was speaking for the majority of the smiling female fans in the audience.

David Foster quipped that he would have loved their act more if they were women, while Jay Parks described them as unique.

The three judges were in agreement that the group deserved a shot in the next round.


Source: ABS-CBN