Young Mom Commits Suicide in Front of Child While On Facebook Live



Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) are investigating a young woman in who take her life in front of her two-year-old daughter while livestreaming it via Facebook Live.


Kian Shannon Sophie Cañares, 21, went on the said social media platform to record the moment she took her life, a first in Cebu City, said Senior Supt. Joel Doria, director of the CCPO.


It was last July 3, at past 9pm when Cañares started a Facebook live while she hanged herself with an extension wire at her family’s living room.


When two of her cousins happens to saw the video, they rushed to the house of the victim in Barangay Kamputhaw.


Melencio, her father, went out of his room when he heard the noises of people outside just to discover his daughter lifeless.


Her baby grandchild was seen crying while looking at her hanging mom.


Apparently, Cañares placed her phone on a wooden bench to cover her suicide.



The suicide video was already taken down by his family.


“What we have here is a pure suicide case. There is no foul play involved especially that what she did was broadcasted live on Facebook. I hope her family will cooperate in the investigation so that we will know what were her reasons in ending her life,” Doria said.



Source: Cebu Daily News